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What Its Like to Work With QLC

For starters, you’ll be working in a product development company, which develops and maintains a bunch of software products and services. And not on some particular, specific client project.

What’s the difference?

Quite a lot actually - let’s start with the technology stack. We’ve got stuff happening on PHP/MySQL, Java, iOS, Android, ML.NLP, NoSQL, using serverless compute and microservices, and a bit more that we’d rather not spell out here.

So if you’re someone with the aptitude (and the right attitude) you’ll find yourself in an environment that expects you to regularly upgrade your skills, encourages you to explore technologies that you’re interested in, requires you to follow industry best-processes, and recognizes and rewards on-quality and on-time delivery. And what you develop could well be used by thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of end-users!

If you’re considering other functions, we presently support 10,000 customers across India and other parts of the world, from 7-locations across India, with our headquarters in Mumbai and a development center in Pune. With a goal of growing that to 25,000 customers in the next 2-years.

So if you’re looking for an undemanding 9-to-5 job, then we’re probably not the place for you. Check out our present openings and see where you fit.