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PostMaster Express
PostMaster Express

“A solution to a problem should be just that: a solution; not the beginning of another problem”.

Why should it be any different when it comes to email systems? The problem that most organizations face today is not that they do not have or use email; it’s what the email channel gets used for. And increasingly, the Internet channel is getting clogged with junk, spam, commercial and unsolicited email, malware – not to forget unproductive personal email. We understand you’re concerned with such issues becoming more frequent and commonplace in your organization.

PostMaster Express is designed to achieve productivity in precisely these environments. With over 7500 installations*, PostMaster Express is justifiably proud of being the country’s best-selling corporate email management software.

PostMaster Express has been designed keeping in mind the business email needs of small & mid-sized organizations (of up to 100-users). It has been designed for businesses; especially growing ones who wish to optimize the time and resources spent on managing email. PostMaster Express allows you to extend your organization’s Internet communications capabilities beyond email – to Productive Email and Internet access.

In addition, PostMaster Express also addresses your security needs with its tightly integrated AntiVirus and AntiSpam modules. Last, but not least, it has an in-built Web-Proxy server, which allows all users of your organization to share Internet Access, selectively.

Take a look at some of the key benefits PostMaster Express offers. You could even download the free 3-user demo copy (no expiry, no feature limitations), or drop us a line for a personalized evaluation copy

(* across both PostMaster Express and PostMaster Enterprise versions, not independently verified)