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QLC manages email for over 7500 organizations in over 5000 locations. We believe that email is business critical for you and hence, we provide support through a strong network of channel partners in over 50 locations across India and some Middle Eastern countries. This is augmented by our own sales and technical support offices in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune. With our growing network, we are able to provide consistent and infallible support.

From the time you choose our email management solutions, QLC is committed to helping you through the entire emailing experience, whatever your query may be. We ensure that you have all the information and tips that you need to make the Internet and email work productively for you, and the QLC Technical Support Executives are always available to explain issues, offer tips and instructions for any of your queries.

Whether you are facing installation issues or just want assistance with your PostMaster settings, visit our FAQ section. If you do not find a solution, just drop us a line or alternately, contact our helpdesk and submit a ticket for the support team or even directly email us at support@qlc.in.