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Support Policy
Support Policy

QLC offers you a range of extended support and maintenance plans that will ensure that our products deliver their design commitment – ‘Install, configure & forget!’ Our maintenance and support plans offer you complete peace of mind by providing periodic support to ensure seamless working of your email system. Through a host of subscription based plans we ensure that you get continuous benefits of regular service, onsite expert assistance, telephonic support and email support.

Standard Support Policy

  1. Support on new purchase

    All new purchases will be eligible to receive unlimited telephonic support and unlimited priority email support for a period of three months from date of invoice, at no charge.

  2. Support For Existing Customers

    All other purchases (including new module purchase/version upgrade/CAL upgrade) will be eligible to receive unlimited telephonic support and unlimited priority email support for a period of three months from date of invoice, at no charge. If the client upgrades while the AMC Plan is operational, the QuEST Plan automatically stands extended.

  3. Support For Evaluation Licenses

    All evaluations licenses will receive unlimited free telephonic support and unlimited priority email support for the period of evaluation, with no charge.

  4. Free Support To Channel Partner Representative

    All Channel Partner(s)/representative(s) are eligible to receive unlimited free telephonic support and unlimited priority email support.


On new purchase, Installation / Deployment Charges & Training Charges are extra as applicable. There is no fixed charge for this. This is decided by the quantum of work and generally is on case-to-case basis.

After the initial Free Support period is completed, QLC customers have the following options:

  • The clients have an option to procure AMC Plans to provide for email, telephonic support and visits.
  • The client may choose not to procure any AMC Plans. In such a case, Non Priority Email Support will be available till end of life of the product.
  • For special reasons, the client may opt for ‘On Demand Visits’.

Response Time

  1. Priority Email Support

    Email will be replied to within eight working hours, most often within the same day.

  2. Non-Priority Email Support

    Email will be replied to at the earliest but after attending to all priority emails yet not later than three working days.

  3. Telephonic Call

    If telephone call is not attended because all operators are already on calls, the call will be returned by the end of the day.

Office Timings For Support Calls

  1. All support calls will be handled between 10.00 am to 07.30 pm from Monday to Friday and 10.00 am to 06.30 pm on Saturday.

  2. Support will also not be provided on QLC declared holidays.

SLA Breach

SLA is measured in terms of Response-Time. An SLA Breach shall be considered only if:

  • Emails not replied by QLC within specified time.
  • Calls not returned by QLC within specified time.

In case of SLA breach, AMC Plan allows for escalating the issue to higher/highest level.

AMC Status For End-Of-Life Products

If during the Contract Period of the AMC Plan, QLC declares the End-Of-Life for a product, the following options are available to the customer:

  1. If the customer upgrades to the latest version, the AMC Plan automatically gets upgraded to cover the latest version of the product. In addition to this, the customer will get three month extension of the AMC Plan in lieu of the three month free support.

  2. If the customer continues with the deployed version, QLC will provide Telephonic and Email support as applicable till the end of contract period. However, after Product End-Of-Life, no bug-fixes or escalation to development team will be available for the product. Also once the contract period is over, the AMC Plan will not be renewed.


AMC Plans are limited to QLC range of software products (e.g. PostMaster Express & PostMaster Enterprise) and covers all the modules/plugins purchased directly from QLC or through one of its channel partners.

AMC Plan expressly excludes all products (hardware or software) not procured from QLC, even if such software/hardware operates along with QLC range of products. e.g. operating system related issues are not covered.

AMC Plan will be provided if the Users’ Products/Plugins are deemed to be current i.e. there are no pending payments and the User has not violated any Terms & Conditions specified in the Technical Support – End User Service Agreement.

AMC Plan is valid for the specific software products at the specified location only as mentioned in SLA. For locations where QLC does not have a branch office or does not have presence of Channel Partner, AMC Plans will not be available at the specified rates. If so required by the clients, special quotation (which incorporates higher costs) will be given on a case-to-case basis.

Clients who want to have QLC products covered at different locations will need to procure AMC Plan for each location.


  1. All AMC Plans come with 1 year validity.

  2. Renewal of AMC Plan is required in the event of expiry of the validity period.

  3. If the AMC Plan is still in force but the visits included in the plans have been exhausted, the client can opt for ‘On Demand Support Visit’ or optionally renew the AMC Plan.

  4. Prices are subject to change without notice.

  5. Service Tax and/or any other Govt. levies in force / as applicable will be levied on the above mentioned prices.

Service Level Commitments / Limitations

  1. AMC Service is available during the hours QLC designates. QLC reserves the right to change Support Service times.

  2. AMC Service does not promise it can or will successfully resolve every problem or question, only that QLC will attempt to do so.

  3. QLC manages the AMC Service by “incidents.” An incident is defined as a single technical issue that results in a request for technical support. Once a QLC engineer provides you with a solution or advises that no further resolution is available, closes the case, and if the case is not reopened during the ensuing 5 days, the incident is considered resolved and the case closed. QLC reserves the right to determine when to close an incident.

  4. While there is no set limit to the number of calls you can make during the year, QLC reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time if you have abused the AMC Service with excessive calls or excessive incidents, engaged in threatening or abusive behavior toward phone agents, or engaged in any fraudulent or misleading activities related to your phone support. If QLC terminates your agreement pursuant to this provision, QLC will refund the unused portion of your purchase price on pro rata basis based on length of contract term remaining.

  5. In no event will QLC be liable for any damages or incur any liabilities as a result of, or in any way related to, the AMC Service provided to you under this agreement, including consequential or incidental damages.